Laundry Capsules

Yes. Our laundry capsules are suitable for indoor drying and both top and front load washing machines.

If it’s placed into the washing machine drum as advised, the capsule (including the dissolvable polymer film) dissolves completely in water. Remember to toss the capsules into empty drum first before loading in your laundry, to ensure adequate water flow for the capsule to dissolve properly. If not properly dissolved, it can result in streaks and spotting from deposits of detergent left on wet clothes.

(Caution: Do not place capsule into the detergent/softener drawer compartment)

Not recommended, as each capsule contains ultra-concentrated formulation suitable to be used in the washer. The formulation may be too harsh to be directly to be in contact with your skin.

Ka 4in1 Laundry Capsules focuses on 10X cleaning power, 99.9% Anti-bacterial and 99% Anti-Dust Mite (Anti-Dust Mite variant). Go for Ka for greatest cleaning efficacy.

ar FÜM Laundry Capsules focuses on 16 weeks of long-lasting fragrance from wash to wear. Go for ar FÜM for long lasting fragrance.

Walch® Laundry Capsules focuses on 9X cleaning power and 99.9% Anti-bacterial with Walch® disinfectant liquid added. It also kills 99.9% of Covid-19 virus. Go for Walch® for double protection against germs for your laundry.

Fresh HY 4in1 Laundry Capsules has 8X Cleaning Power, 99.9% Anti-bacterial and 20 days of long-lasting fragrance from wash to wear. It has smaller washing load of 4kg per capsule vs Ka and ar FÜM which can wash up to 6kg. Go for Fresh HY for more value for money option if you require a smaller washing load. Efficacies of Fresh HY are between Ka and ar FÜM in terms of cleanliness and fragrance lasting power.

The 16 weeks of long-lasting fragrance is from wash to wear. Meaning from the moment the clothes are taken out of the washing machine and kept in storage in the wardrobe, to the time it was taken out from storage before wearing.

No it does not contain detergent so you still have to use with ar FÜM Laundry Capsules, but it does have softening effect. Use ar FÜM in-wash Scent Booster for stronger fragrance and having softer clothes.

Ka 4in1 Anti-Dust Mite variant has additional 99% Anti-Dust Mite property.


Product Name

Use as household disinfectant 

Use for personal hygiene (including wound) 

Walch® Antiseptic Germicide



Walch® Antiseptic Germicide Fresh Lemon



Walch® Multi-purpose Disinfectant (2X)



Though the spray kills 99.9% of bacteria, it is not recommended to be used on mask which is in direct contact with the face. When the face mask is wet, it would be less effective as well, hence not recommended.

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