Food from the Heart X Walch® Collaboration


January 06, 2020
Food from the Heart X Walch® Collaboration

Food from the Heart (SG) works with its dedicated volunteers to alleviate hunger among the underprivileged through an efficient food distribution programme.

We appreciate their hard work and commitment to their cause. Inspired to take action, we worked with Food from the Heart (SG) to donate over 10,000 bottles of Walch® Instant Hand Sanitisers to their beneficiaries. By equipping underprivileged families with essential hand sanitisers we hope they will keep safe and healthy amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

We continue in our efforts to make good hygiene achievable by providing more Singaporeans and their families with effective and easy to use products such as the Walch® Instant Hand Sanitiser so that they will be protected during this global pandemic.