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Our Brands

Walch Home Care Products


Walch® Protects You and Your Family

Kills 99.9% of Germs* for safe and clean environment for your loved ones

As a leading hygiene and home care brand, Walch® is dedicated to developing strong cleaning products that ensure the safety and health of our consumers. We combine the rich heritage of Centralin with the latest in German innovation to provide the most effective, safe and reliable laundry, household and personal care products to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Adhering to the strict quality standards in place, Walch® products provide you with greater peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are well protected.

KA 10X Cleaning Power in 1 Capsule


Powerful and effective wash with every Ka 4in1 Laundry Capsule

Japan Formulation with 10X Cleaning Power & 99.9% Anti-Bacterial Protection

At Ka, we use the latest Japanese innovation and formulation to bring you premium laundry products that bring you more than just having clean clothes. Our high-quality products are developed to make doing laundry easier, quicker, and more efficient for the whole family. With 10x cleaning power of regular detergent combined with 99.9% anti-bacterial formulation, Ka’s superior concentrated laundry formulation leaves clothes softer and cleaner. Ka 4in1 Laundry Capsules are the most convenient way to do laundry with no manual pouring, measurements or messy spillage. Suitable for indoor drying, its compact size makes it easy to use and even easier to transport, to deliver a fuss-free experience.

ar FÜM Laundry Capsule

ar FÜM

First laundry capsule that provides 16 weeks of long-lasting fragrance

Boost your confidence with clean and floral freshness laundry

Specially formulated using advanced Japanese technology combined with the rich, natural aroma of essential oils, ar FÜM anti-static laundry capsules and in-wash scent booster beads provide up to 16 weeks of fresh, long-lasting fragrance from wash to wear. Offering a wide variety of floral scents with strong malodour prevention, ar FÜM laundry products are a deodoriser, detergent and softener all in one capsule. Make a lasting impression on those around you with fresher, better smelling clothes today!

No more messy spillages and manual measurements with the usage of ar FÜM Laundry Capsule. Conveniently toss in 1 capsule into the empty washing drum and you are good to go.

KHO Plant-based Body Wash


Indulge in an exquisite, in-home spa experience with KHO Spa Body Wash

Formulated in Japan with plant-based ingredients

With inspiration from the rich cultures of Japanese baths, KHO Spa Body Wash brings you a lavishing reset every time you shower – while hydrating your skin. KHO’s moisturising formula leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple while being free of nasties like parabens, silicones and triclosan plus the pH-balanced formula remains gentle on the skin while effectively washing away impurities.

Made from plant-based ingredients and available in a range of botanical scents, you can now enjoy a pampering, Japanese-spa inspired shower experience right at the comforts of your home – So #EverydayIsASpaDay.

Fresh HY Laundry Capsule

Fresh HY

Simplify laundry tasks with Fresh HY 4in1 Laundry Capsules

Japanese Formulation with 8x Cleaning Power + 99.9% Anti-bacterial

Fresh HY laundry capsules series provides more options for consumers in the laundry category while continuing to help consumers simplify laundry chores. Formulated in Japan, Fresh HY 4in1 Laundry Capsules help to keep laundry soft, clean, and fresh smelling. It combines 8X cleaning power, 99.9% anti-bacterial and 99% anti-dust mite properties in a single capsule. You no longer need to manually measure liquid detergent, softener and laundry sanitiser as Fresh HY 4in1 Laundry Capsules contain pre-measured dose to get clothes clean and bright in 1 toss.